Everest south side divided: police and army enroute to BC

Posted: Apr 23, 2014 11:37 pm EDT

(Newsdesk) One after the other most large expedition teams have announced they are leaving Everest this 2014 spring season. Avalanches still shower the icefall but there's is more to the story. 


Canadian Peak Freaks (also leaving) reported late Wednesday that  the political environment in BC is getting angry and two sides seem to be forming. There is talk of retaliation on Sherpas who want to continue to climb (this is corroborated by Euro climbers cited by Stefan Nestler) while Nepalese army and police are expected at BC Thursday, "to try to talk Sherpas into climbing for a few select operators that are putting pressure on them," Tim Ripple wrote.


"It's gotten too messy, we hung in here to see if we could learn from all of this and be of assistance in anyway through this crisis, but now that we have an army, police and angry Sherpas staging at base camp, it's time to go home," the expedition leader concluded. 


Find direct reports in the  Expedition List and dispatch streams.




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Sherpas threaten to call off if demands not met in a week (Himalayan Times)


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Everest south side
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