Icarus Trophy: Unsupported Birdmen to Race across US

Posted: Jun 27, 2015 12:23 am EDT

(Newsdesk) The year was 2004 and the story became one of our best: FlyMicro stunned the entire mountain as they came soaring toward the summit of Mount Everest. Wide eyed climbers near the top and below awed at the sight of a strange bird flying up the peak’s West Face. Check links below for the scoop; and the dramatic aftermath of a deadly accident and spectacularly false claims.


Now another great adventure is taking shape, set to kick off this fall: the Icarus Trophy, a 2 week long air race on paramotors across US without support. Contenders start in Washington State with a paramotor strapped on their backs, and finish 1400 miles later in southern California. 


“Unsupported means you'll be flying with everything you need to survive strapped to your very person,” explain the organizers. “If you get lost, it's down to you to get yourself unlost.”


There are 45 entrants from all around the world one of the contenders, "Fisch" Kristan Fischer, told Explorersweb, and it has never been attempted before. Fisch relocated himself to Arizona, USA to gear test and train with the best in the business - World Champion Paramotor pilot Ryan Shaw of Paradrenalin.


The adventurists insist this is the longest and toughest air race on the planet, but it’s more about the adventure than the race say organizers on the Icarus website: “We always find the people who come in last have the best stories to tell.”  



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Fisch out of the water. Contenders start with a paramotor strapped on their backs and everything needed for survival on their body. (Click to expand)
courtesy Kristan Fischer, SOURCE
They'll finish 2 weeks and 1400 miles later in southern California. Fisch will compete against 44 other paramotor pilots from all around the world in perhaps the baddest air race on the planet.
courtesy Kristan Fischer, SOURCE
From the files, 2004: "Although I was the one to fly over Everest, it would not have been possible without the extraordinary skill of a support team," reckoned Angelo. "People like the tow pilot Richard Meredith, who actually established his own extraordinary record in the height that he reached, never before attained in a microlight." In the image, by Meredith, Angelo approaches Everest (click to enlarge).

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