Inside Nepal, Mountaineer Al Hancock's 2nd Quake Debrief: Landslides were Everywhere

Posted: May 26, 2015 08:52 pm EDT

(Newsdesk) Aborting their climb after the first EQ, Al Hancock and Chris Jensen Burke got on a bus loaded down with aid supplies for the little village of Khare in the district of Dolakha. Seasoned from bad-ass peaks such as Annapurna and K2, even they were left shaken by what happened next.


Held up at a checkpoint, they passed through the small villages of Suntakanee and Sikha and continued down through the narrow winding roads when all of a sudden the trees started to sway very fast.  "That’s strange,"  Al thought to himself and then he heard Chris yell out "Landslide".  


"And there it was, in front of our bus about forty feet," Al writes and continues:


"The bus started to shake and cries of  'earthquake, earthquake' could be heard.  Everyone scrambled out of the bus as the ground beneath the bus and our feet started to open up. In the surrounding hillsides you could see massive landslides."


Check the full debrief for a horrifying account of the reality survivors faced in the second quake:


"...before my eyes houses started to tumble like dominos one by one. People were holding on to each other, tears of sadness and pain were running deep into the earth."


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Al Hancock on the Summit of Everest in 07.
courtesy Al Hancock, SOURCE
Adrian Hayes of UK (left) and regular climbing buddy Canadian Al Hancock in happier times. Both attempted K2 in 2013, and topped out last year.
courtesy Adrian Hayes, SOURCE

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