Report: 2014 Mountaineering Expeditions in Pakistan

Posted: Jan 28, 2015 10:16 am EST

(By Saad Tariq Siddiq / Karrar Haidri Explorersweb Pakistan) 30 Foreign expeditions comprising of 226 climbers were granted permission in 2014 to climb various peaks in Pakistan. Out of these, 9 members of one expedition were granted permission to climb both Broad Peak and Masharbrum and 17 members of two expeditions were permitted to climb both Gasherbrum-I and Gasherbrum-II. Thus raising the total number of expeditions to 33 and foreign members to 252. Out of these 252 climbers, 108 climbers, including 10 Pakistani mountaineers, were successful in summitting various peaks.


In addition to above, Pakistani expedition comprising of 8 Pakistani Mountaineers, was launched to climb K2. 6 members were successful in hoisting Pakistan Flag on the summit of K2.


A brief account of expeditions launched on various peaks is given below:




2014 was a lucky climbing year for climbers of K2. 7 foreign teams comprising of 74 members launched expeditions on K2, out of which 43 climbers of 6 expeditions were successful in hoisting their national flags on top of K2. In addition 6 out of 8 climbers of Pakistani EV-K2-CNR Expedition also hoisted the Pakistani Flag on the summit of K2. Unfortunately there was one casualty, Mr. Miguel Angel Perez Alvarez died on July 30th, 2014 at Camp IV of K2, after returning from a successful attempt on K2.


Broad Peak


2014 was a lucky year for climbers on Broad Peak. 95 members of 9 expeditions tried their luck on the Peak; 32 climbers of 8 expeditions were successful in reaching the summit.




A bleak year for G-I. 3 expeditions comprising of 24 members were launched on G-I but none could reach the summit.




A very successful year for G-II: 21 climbers out of 27 members of 3 Expeditions were successful in reaching the summit of G-II.


Spantik Peak


Luckiest year for climbers on Spantik, all the 6 climbers of two Expeditions accompanied by 4 Pakistani members were successful in hoisting their national flags on the summit.




2 out of 5 members of the only Korean Expedition launched, were successful to summit G-V.


Nanga Parbat


As an after-effect of massacre on Nanga Parbat last year, no climbers applied for a permit to climb Nanga Parbat.


Other Peaks


27 members of 7 teams tried their luck on Mashabrum, Link Sir, Ogre-II, Khumul Giri, Paiyu, K7 and Muchu Chish, but none was successful.




In winter 2013, three (3) Expeditions comprising of 8 Polish, 2 German and 3 Italian Members attempted Nanga Parbat, but unfortunately none of the climbers could reach the summit, due to bad weather.




Now this year again 3 International Expeditions have arrived in Pakistan to climb Nanga Parbat in winter 2014-15: one expedition comprising of 1 Polish, 2 Italian and 1 French, a second, a Russian Expedition, comprising of 4 Russians, and a third, Iranian Expedition comprising of 3 Iranian and 1 Russian member. All these expeditions are currently on the mountain trying their luck.




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List of Summiteers (click to expand).
A group photo of Polish Nanga Parbat Expedition 2013-2014 with Col. Manzoor Hussain President ACP (click to expand).
A group photo of ACP officials with Simone Moro during his Winter Expedition 2013-2014 (click to expand).
Mr. Abu Zafar Sadiq Secretary Alpine Club of Pakistan giving away a certificate to Muharrem Aydin Irmak (Turkey) member of K2 International Expedition 2014. Leader of the Expedition Giuseppe Pompili (Italy), Mohammad Reza Shahram Shahlaei (Iran) and Renowned Mountaineer Ashraf Aman were also present at the occasion.
Members of Broad Peak Expedition 2014 with Secretary ACP.
Giuseppe Pompili Italian Member K2 Expedition 2014.
Pierre Olsson member of Saltoro Summits Trango Tower Expedition 2014 after summit.
Nichlas Rice Member of Broad Peak Expedition 2014.