Video: Inside the Brawl on Mt. Everest

Posted: Sep 16, 2014 08:21 am EDT


(Newsdesk) Last year April, the Everest Sherpa rope fixing team claimed Ueli Steck and Simone Moro kicked ice on them while they were working on the Lhotse wall, which lead to a brawl between the Sherpa and the mountaineers at Camp 2. 


Moro and Steck planned to climb Everest off the fixed ropes and without oxygen, hoping to carve a new variation route on the peak. They believe the lead Sherpa attacked them because his pride was hurt by their fast ascent; and also that he was tired and needed an excuse to retreat.


In an interview after the Sherpa attack Simone Moro explained to ExWeb, "We had set up our C3 tent days before the rope fixing team even began their job. To stay out of their way we climbed 50-70 meters to their left in alpine style. This is how climbing with or without fixed ropes can be combined to accommodate and respect both climbing styles."


"We too had a climbing permit. If I want to climb without fixed rope I have to be in a position to do it. Everest is for alpinists and commercial clients both, not just one of those categories. But I repeat we NEVER interfered with or disturbed the rope fixing team.”


Outside Television published a video of "the horrifying scene" when mountaineers Ueli Steck, Simone Moro, and Jonathan Griffith, were attacked on April 27, 2013 by a crowd of angry Sherpa.


Watch the video here





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Outside Television published a video of the scene when mountaineers Ueli Steck, Simone Moro and Jonathan Griffith were attacked by a crowd of angry Sherpa on April 27, 2013.
courtesy Josh Lowell and Peter Mortimer / Outside Television / Reel Rock, SOURCE