Everest & Himalaya wrap-up: Climbers in Base Camps, Everest south C3 fixed, Annapurna looking good

Posted: Sep 22, 2006 01:22 pm EDT

(MountEverest.net) Virtually all Himalaya expeditions have taken the weekend off. Snow is falling on the eastern peaks; on Everests south side Sherpas have set C3 on the Lhotse face. On Annapurna, the Italians camp out on a green meadow wrapped in late evening mist. On Shisha and Cho Oyu, summit pushes are expected next week, while the Dhaula HiMountain Polish climbers just landed in Nepal "gripping each others hands and desperately screaming."


South side reading Economist

Da Sona and the Sherpa team moved the fixed lines all the way up to and did establish Camp 3 today - very high on the Lhotse face, virtually at 24,000 feet (7315 meters) reported Wally Berg yesterday from BC. Whilst the Sherpas work at altitude, the team relaxes in BC.

We are still reading through the stack of Herald Tribunes, Economist and Time magazines as well as Newsweek that came in with the mail runner a few days a go. Dave Hahn took off on one of his archeological expeditions today. He came back with a box with a 1982 Canadian expedition logo.


Mondinelli: Green Annapurna

Our chopper landed in BC at 4200 yesterday morning. Abele Blanc, Marco Camandona, Claudio Rosset (Abeles brother-in-law), 2 Sherpa and Biman the cook were there waiting for us.

The peak and its surroundings look very different compared to spring; our tents are pitched on a huge, green meadow. In fact, Annapurna shows great conditions shame were not acclimatized!

Weve spent these two days sorting out the tents and gear we brought with us. Next we will acclimatize by climbing Tilicho, a splendid 7000 meters-tall peak not far from here. Weather is beautiful fog wraps the camp at evenings, but thats nothing to worry about.

Shisha Pangma

Inaki Ochoa: Ready for a summit push

Spanish Inaki Ochoa de Olza and American Bob Jen reached 7000m on Shishas normal route on Wednesday, before retreating back to BC. Weather is currently bad, but the two climbers hope next week conditions will improve enough to let them attempt the (Main) summit of Shisha Pangma.

Edurne Pasaban: ABC on Shishas south face

Last Tuesday, Sep19 Asier, Loro and I went up and set up our Advanced Camp, helped by two Tibetans, reported Edurne. Weve pitched our tents at the bottom of a small glacier by a lake, at 5500m. 20 minutes walking up the glacier there is another camp, belonging to a Korean expedition.


The HiMountain Polish team has reached Nepal, "Our expedition took off from the Okêcie airport on 19th September. Through Munich and Delhi, we reached Kathmandu after an awkward landing in the valley (we had moments of gripping each others hands and desperate screaming)." The team briefed with Liz Hawley, who told them that only two expeditions will be operating on the mountain: a Swiss expedition led by Kari Kobler and the HiMountain expedition. "It must be mentioned here that an American will climb independently on the Swiss permit and on our permit we allow Czech and Russian climbers and one Ecuadorian," they add. Visit the Himountain website for details.

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We are still reading through the stack (of newspapers) that came in with the mail runner a few days a go". Image of the team taking it easy in BC courtesy of BAI (click to enlarge).
Weve pitched our tents at the bottom of a small glacier by a lake, at 5500m." Image of Edurne in Shisha's south face ABC, courtesy of Edurne pasaban (click to enlarge).
It is unclear if he will ever find strength to return to this doomed peak again, where he has faced so much misfortune already. Image of Abele Blanc in Anna's BC some weeks ago, courtesy of Silvio Mondinelli (click to enlarge).

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