Nanga Parbat murders a mistake, gunmen still at large media agency says

Posted: Jul 01, 2014 04:58 pm EDT

(Newsdesk) AFP carries a lengthy update on the Nanga Parbat murders last year. In brief, the agency states that a Chinese-American tech worker was to be kidnapped and exchanged for a high-profile Taliban.


According to the news source, a local jihadist was contacted by two Taliban from Afghanistan and invited to the supposed kidnap mission. A few meetings took place in Chilas and a nearby forest with the Taliban hiding their faces at all times. Helpers were recruited after which the gang took off for Nanga Parbat wearing local police uniforms.

 "But as the attack unfolded in the freezing night, Chen burst out of his tent and tackled one of the militants using martial arts techniques," AFP wrote. One of the men, named Mujeeb, apparently panicked and shot the Chinese-American climber, after which remaining climbers were tied up and shot one by one.


 “It all happened because of Mujeeb,” a local source told AFP. “The actual plan had been to kidnap a Chinese-American but his reaction led to the killing of himself and 10 others,” he said.


Afterwards the attackers had breakfast in a nearby village and then dispersed. Several militant sources told the news source that only one of the detained attackers was actually involved, while  Mujeeb remains in hiding in the forests. 


Pakistantoday has the full report.



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