Two rowing teams ready for around Great Britain race

Posted: May 26, 2010 03:15 pm EDT

Two boats will start from Tower Bridge in London June 1st to row unassisted non-stop round Great Britain June in the Virgin GB Row 2010. One all female crew and an innovative rowing trimaran is competing.

The current record for the theoretical 2010 nautical mile distance is 26 days. It was an army crew that set the benchmark time in 2005.

Come June 1st the starting gun will go of from the Tower Bridge in London and the row race is on. The teams are not allowed any outside assistance and must have all their food and equipment on board at the start and make their own water from seawater during the race.

So far there are three boats that have entered, one of them is an all female crew.

- We will face unpredictable and extreme conditions rowing through the changing tides and currents of the English Channel, the Irish Sea, the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. Well be dodging the big boats and ships on the English Channel and facing some huge swells and gales in the North Sea, says Belinda Kirk, Laura Thomasson, Angel Madsen and Amy Green.

They are not aiming for the speed record, but if they finish they will set a record of their own.

- We will become the first women ever to row around Great Britain, as well as raising money for Help For Heroes in the process, say the girls.

Angela Madsen is the only US citizen in the UK team, and she is the most experienced. She was the first woman to row across the Indian Ocean and the first disabled woman to row across two oceans.
Jack Jones did enter his Amazing Race early, but only four weeks before the start he changed the boat to the more innovative rowing trimaran Orca with Ollie Hicks as skipper. The two will be joined by John Mollison and David Rowe.

- The inclusion of ORCA at this late stage is great news for the race, raising the level of competition and adding an exciting new challenger to the lineup, is the words from the event organizers.

About the race

The Virgin GB Row 2010, also called the Anglo American Boat Race, is a 2010 nautical mile circumnavigation of Great Britain in ocean rowing boats departing from Tower Bridge in London on the 1st of June. It is non-stop and unaided so crews will need to be completely self sufficient for the 3-4 weeks they will be at sea. Trans-Atlantic ocean rowing races have been running regularly since the early 1990s, but this is the first time an ocean rowing race has been held so close to land. The race originated in 1872 when a New York club posted a challenge in to the London Rowing Club to row a four-oared race on the Thames. It remained one of the most important races of the season until the Second World War when it was discontinued. 2010 sees it return in its revised format.


John Mollison is competing in the Virgin GB Row 2010 with Ollie Hicks (skipper), Jack Jones, and David Rowe.
The male crew is rowing the trimaran Orca and has called themselves the Misfits.
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