Berserker on yet another illegal trip

Posted: Jan 26, 2012 08:16 am EST

(By Jon Amtrup) Norwegian Jarle Andhoy, captain of Berserk that disappeared in a storm in the Ross Sea one year ago, is heading back in an attempt to find out what happened to his three missing crew. Just like last year's tragic expedition this sail trip is also illegal.

New Zealand authorities this week started a hunt for the 54-foot Nilaya after they got reports that Jarle Andhoy (35) and Samuel Massie (19) reportedly were heading towards Antarctica in it.

According to the Norwegian Polar Institute Jarle Andhoy filled a summary application to sail to Antarctica last year, stating that he was going back to the Ross Sea in an attempt to find out what happened to the Berserk and his three crew. The Polar Institute wanted more information, but Andhoy never answered their follow up questions. The Polar Institute denied the application to sail to Antarctica.

After the ill-fated trip last year Andhoy was fined NOK 25.000 for lacking clearance and insurance to enter Antarctic waters, and now the story seems to repeat.

To be in breach of Antarctic regulations, Jarle has to cross the 60°S . The trip from Auckland to the Ross Sea is estimated to take 12-14 days, and according to reports Berserk left Auckland Monday this week.

In addition to Andhoy and Massie there is a TV crew on board. Jarle Andhoy launched his new TV show about the deadly trip to the Ross Sea last week.

Relatives of the crew have tried to stop the TV series both by appealing to common decency and through court. Neither approach gave any results.

Andhoy is also wanted for not informing the New Zealand customs on entering the country that he was deported from Canada in 2007.

The New Zealand Customs Service is looking for the 54 foot yacht and International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators staff have been alerted, according to Radio New Zealand. All ships in the area have also been asked to keep a lookout and report back to Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) if they see any sign of the 54-foot Nilaya.

Ed note Please help investigate this story (check top comment on discuss) Why did the original crew need a second boat? What did Jarle mean by "sail and sink?" Why would they want to sink the boat? Post to discuss or send to Newsdesk. Thank you.

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Jarle Andhoy is on his way back to the Ross Sea to find out what happened to this three missing crew on the Berserk.