Fatbiking and rafting the Arctic

Posted: Feb 19, 2012 08:12 pm EST

(By Correne Coetzer) In the late March 2012 Andrew Badenoch plan to set off on a 7000 mile fatbike and packraft expedition. The journey starts in the USA from Bellingham, WA, continues to Canada – British Colombia, Northwest Territories, the Arctic Ocean, Yukon, Alaska, BC, and back to Bellingham, WA.

Badenoch will be connecting the land and sea routes by paddling 7 rivers, he told ExplorersWeb. Resupplies will be picked up at remote towns/villages along the route.

His fatbike and packraft transportation use zero fuel and he will be conducting scientific research/data collection in coordination with Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation.

The estimated duration of the expedition is 6-8 months, but may vary significantly due to ice, ocean, and ground conditions throughout.

Fatbikerafting the Arctic is one component of my ongoing project, 77Zero. The overarching slogan is “7 Continents. 7 Seas. ZERO Fuel.” That is intended to imply multiple ideas. The first is my goal to explore as much as the planet as I can without burning fuel that have been dug up or grown on farmland. The second layer is the vision of a world in which humans are freed from the reliance on burning dead stuff for energy. In other words, it’s a global adventure with sailing, cycling, paddling, and hiking,” explains Andrew.

Fatbikes are the latest in the evolution of mountain biking. Most mountain bikes have tires approximately 2 inches wide. A small group of bicycle manufacturers has started building frames what will accommodate tires up to 4.5″ wide. These rugged bikes were originally designed for racing in snow, and the massive increase in width and tire flotation allow fatbikes to thrive in conditions that would turn most bikes into dead weight.

Bio: Andrew Badenoch moved aboard a sailboat in 2008 after dropping out of the corporate world. Though forged in the Pacific Northwest (Anchorage, Alaska; Seattle, Washington; Portland, Bend, et cetera, Oregon) of the United States of America, He has also lived in Austin, Texas and Panama City, Panama.

Professional: “At this point, I am dedicated to adventure, exploration, and science advocacy full-time. This effort is partially supported by my writing. Not that it matters for our purposes here, but my formal education is in Multimedia and International Business. My work experience is mostly of the entrepreneurial variety in the realms of finance and marketing.”

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Key objectives: 7000 miles, 7 rivers, 2 oceans, 4 mountain ranges.
courtesy Andrew Badenoch, SOURCE
Andrew Badenoch
courtesy Andrew Badenoch, SOURCE
Route plan.
courtesy Andrew Badenoch, SOURCE

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