3 Kayakers, 9000 Kilometers

Posted: May 21, 2015 06:02 pm EDT


(Newsdesk) Their goal is to sea-kayak from Montreal, Canada, to the tip of Yucatan in Mexico over the course of a year.


Luc Labelle, Nika De Jocas-McCrae and Julien Granger are three friends from the small town of Ile Perrot in Canada, sharing the same dream, to sea-kayak to Yucatan.


"This is more than just an expedition,” they say, "it’s an opportunity for us to grow in a new professional domain. We are in tipping points in our lives and this expedition will push us in the greatest way."


They call themselves the “Go Fetch” team and explain where it comes from: “Like a dog fetching a stick, we seek out our branch through adventure. Our success will be measured by the memorable stories and experiences we will bring back. The term “Fetch” is defined as the measure of a certain space where the wind can unfold itself without meeting any obstacles. Hopefully, through this expedition, the “Fetch” will be our ally, as its strength is recognised and used to help us reach our objective. Our expedition will also be shaped by the challenges people give us to accomplish along the way."


Yesterday the guys reported that they have reached the most Northern tip of their route.


Expedition alert sent over to Exweb by Frédéric Dion.




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Défi Go Fetch 
















Selfie on the first day. Luc Labelle, Nika De Jocas-McCrae and Julien Granger start from Montreal, May 16th, 2015.
courtesy Defi Go Fetch (Facebook), SOURCE
Three childhood friends happy to launch their dream sea-kayak trip.
courtesy Luc Labelle, Nika De Jocas-McCrae and Julien Granger, SOURCE
Route from Montreal to Yucatan by sea kayak.
courtesy Defi Go Fetch, SOURCE

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