Marcin Gienieczko started 7000 km South American crossing

Posted: May 21, 2015 05:22 pm EDT


(Newsdesk) 12h00 May 17th, Marcin Gienieczko started his 7000km coast to coast crossing of South America; from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean via the Amazon. He started cycling at the beach, Cerro La Virgen on the Pacific. The first day of cycling ended at Cerro Azul, he reported.


Two days ago Marcin has started climbing inland with his bicycle. They highest altitude on his cycle route will be 4750m. According to his latest SPOT position, he has already covered 212.86km on May 21th. The Polish adventurer is at Huaytara and can feel the lack of O2 at altitude. Temperatures range between 30 degrees in the day to 7 at night.


The other stages will be done in a canoe and on foot.


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Marcin at the Pacific Ocean.
courtesy Marcin Gienieczko, SOURCE
Organized chaos in Lima before the start.
courtesy Marcin Gienieczko, SOURCE
Official launch at the Polish Embassy in Lima.
courtesy Marcin Gienieczko, SOURCE
Road through the desert.
courtesy Marcin Gienieczko, SOURCE
The Polish Embassy in Lima takes care of Marcin's canoe while he is cycling to San Francisco (in Peru), where his brother will deliver it.
courtesy Marcin Gienieczko, SOURCE
Marcin before the start. He says he now only focuses on the cycling stage and what lies ahead this week.
courtesy Marcin Gienieczko, SOURCE
SPOT tracker MAy 20th (click to expand).
courtesy Marcin Gienieczko, SOURCE
Planned route via the Amazon to Belem on the Atlantic Ocean (click to expand).
courtesy Marcin Gienieczko, SOURCE