Pixel Boat campaign: Alex Alley's new boat and sailing plans

Posted: Jun 03, 2015 10:54 am EDT


(Newsdesk) Round-the-world yachtsman, Alex Alley, sent over news about his sailing exploits for the next three years, as well as his fundraising campaign. "I am now aiming to set as many world records as possible in the next 3 years before aiming for the solo round the world nonstop record in 2018."

He has just returned from Norway after doing some Arctic survival training. "Although not planning to go to the Arctic myself, I thought it would be a good experience and an opportunity to learn a few extra skills. Racing offshore exposes you to everything that the elements have to offer, so it was all good experience.”


Alex has recently purchased a Class 40 yacht. "Number 112, currently known as Jasmine Flyer, although we are likely to change the name. We are still planning to fund the campaign by covering the side of the boat with a myriad of images, logos and pictures.”


"Each 5cm x 5cm square selling for £25-£35 each, we already have a significant number of supporters buying squares and we will be putting their pictures onto the hull once we get the boat back from France later this year. If you would like to add your graphic to the hull then you can by clicking on the 'Pixel Boat' link to the left or by emailing us the picture you would like on the hull, along with the size you would like it to be.”


From his website:


Alex earns a living as a Professional Sailor and Trainer, specialising in Leadership and Team building as well as running his own program called VMG. He also works as an Inspirational speaker and is a commercial yacht skipper. His 15 years as a national sales manager and trainer also gives him a strong background to deliver coaching to sales teams.


In 2005 he returned from competing in the 'Global Challenge' as Watch Leader on Team Stelmar. Dubbed 'The Worlds Toughest Yacht Race', it sails the 'wrong' way round the world against the prevailing winds and currents. Alex stepped in as a last minute replacement after the previous Watch Leader left just 2 days before leaving for the Southern Ocean. Alex took on a de-motivated and disillusioned watch and then had the job of converting them into an effective, high performing team. On top of all this, Alex had to deal with the trauma and emotional loss of not 1, but 2 crew due to medical evacuations around the notorious Cape Horn. Then to keep the watch motivated for the remainder of the 54 day leg in the freezing cold expanse, took all his skill and effort.  This leg saw them achieve 1 of several 24 hour distance records.


During the 10 months of the race, Alex covered some 35,700 miles in some of the world's most hostile oceans. This now takes his total racing mileage to almost 100,000. 


Alex's next adventure is to set as many sailing World Records as possible, culminating in the solo non-stop round the world record.


See more about Alex here.




Alex’s website



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Alex has recently purchased a Class 40 yacht. "Number 112, currently known as Jasmine Flyer, although we are likely to change the name."
courtesy Alex Alley, SOURCE
"Alex is also a very keen motor sport fan and has been lucky enough to have driven a range of sports cars including Formula cars such as Formula Ford, Formula 3 and an awesome Formula 1 car."

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