UK media does it again: decade's top international (mostly British) explorers listed

Posted: Dec 10, 2009 06:49 pm EST

According to the UK Telegraph, people who pushed "themselves to their limits and beyond during the past 10 years" were mostly British or at least Anglo-Saxon.

The article kicks off with UK Pen Hadow, reported "the first person to complete a solo and unsupported trek to the North Pole." Norwegian Borge Ousland doesn't count.

On Everest, you'd expect tributes to the new routes forged there (including the north face) but no such luck. Can't have Ruskies or Kimchis in the Empire. Instead, UK Ranulph Fiennes is mentioned frequently, with his only accomplishment this decade being a guided climb of the peak.

It goes on and on. Forget Rune Gjeldnes' incredible unsupported crossing of the entire Antarctica continent (Norwegian, again!) instead we learn about several Brits (barely) making it to the North Pole.

K2 Magic Line? Oh Paella for christsake! Nah, let's talk about Ama Dablam - without sherpas or oxygen! For some reason though, Ueli Steck is thrown in.

The article would be upsetting if it wasn't so error-ridden that it became funny in its display of mainstream media's exit from the world of news in a final supernova blast of BS.

Go check the article here.

Editorial by Tina Sjogren who dipped her fingers in the water a number of times enroute to the North Pole but luckily kept her tips intact enough to compile stories such as this.


ExWeb screenshot of yesterday's Telegraph article (click to enlarge).

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