Rolf and Cecilie: One of Hvitserk's teams reaches the South Pole!

Posted: Dec 28, 2005 03:50 pm EST

( Yesterday at 20:30 European (CET) time, Rolf and Cecilies group - one of the two teams launched by the Norwegian Hvitserk expedition - reached the Geographical South Pole!

The team has completed an unsupported trip to the Pole from the coastal line, via a new, shorter route (starting at the 82nd degree).

Team member Roland Krueger was the first to spot the South Poles base in the distance. So he roused his mates and the team made a run for it; and after six hours, they arrived at the Pole.

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It was a very emotional moment, reported the expeditions home team. Wolfgang cried like a kid and thanked everybody, having worked for this for so many years. Roland just kept smiling he was now the first German to reach the Pole unsupported! Per-Henry got his 'first Pole'. Cecilie reached her 'second Pole' after Everest (often called the third Pole), and Rolf completed his second SP trip without resupplies.

Now they will relax and enjoy the moment, and we will hear from them soon on their thoughts and what they plan to do next.

Inges team: Plans for New Year

Inges team is slightly behind, but not stressed about it. With 125,7 km still to go, they figure New Years day is a possible and beautiful - date to achieve their goal.

Hvitserk expedition split up into two groups, in order to reach the SP by a new route. From Patriot Hills, the teams were air-lifted to the Ronnie-Fleichner Ice Shelf near the Foundation Ice Stream and on the 82nd degree of latitude. Each group followed a different shore of the Ice Stream.

The route is shorter (by app. 2 degrees) than the conventional route from Hercules Inlet and, at a first glance, seems to possibly converge with the Berkner Island starting point route. A confirmation will be made once the expedition is completed.

Team member Rolf Bae kited 3800 km in 2000-2001, crossing the Antarctic continent from the Troll base in Queen Mauds Land to the McMurdo base on the Ross Sea.

Also on the team is Rolf's girlfriend Cecilie Skog, Everest summiteer. The couple attempted K2 last summer and this time their K2 base camp manager Per Henry Knudsen joined the polar adventure.

The six-member group also included German Roland Krueger and Austrian Wolfgang Melchior. Also on the team was German Rolf Dieter Seel, but he had to be evacuated due to health problems just after the start of the expedition. In order to keep the expedition 'unsupported', the team went back to the beginning and started the trip again.

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The arrival at the Geographic South Pole yesterday was "a very emotional moment," according to the team. Hvitserk's second group, led by Inge, plans to reach the Pole by New Year's day. File image of the South Pole courtesy of Hvitserk (click to enlarge).
Team member Rolf Bae has completed his second SP trip. In 2000/01 Rolf kited 3800 km, crossing the Antarctic continent from the Troll base in Queen Mauds Land to the McMurdo base on the Ross Sea. File image of Rolf this summer in K2's BC, courtesy of the expedition team (click to enlarge).

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