North Pole Winter: 90°N before sunrise!

Posted: Mar 14, 2008 09:48 pm EDT

( Matvey and Boris made it! They have reached the Geographic North Pole in complete darkness, becomming the first people to do so.

In an email to ExplorersWeb from the Arctic and Antarctic Expeditionary Centre "Polus", who is running Barneo Ice Station, Yulia Gubrienko writes, The expedition of Matvey Shparo and Boris Smolin HAS REACHED the North Pole at 19.40 Moscow Mean Time today March 14!"

"They made a telephone call from the Pole and informed us on this! Congratulations to our guys!

They have started their expedition on December 22, 2007 from Cape Arktichesky, Russia, and had one resupply along the way.

Well done, Matvey and Boris!!

Matvey (32) lives in Moscow and achieved Polar fame after completing the first crossing on skis of Bering Strait with his dad, Dmitry in 1998. He has also crossed Greenland and climbed Mt. McKinley.

Boris (46) also lives in Moscow has crossed Greenland and climbed McKinley among other expeditions.

They have trained during the spring of 2007 on drifting ice across the Longa Strait from Wrangler Island to Chukotka.

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Boris Smolin and Matvey Shparo have reached the North Pole at 19.40 Moscow Mean Time March 14. Image courtesy of Oleg Karadzha/ (click to enlarge)

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