Mitsuro Ohba's trek on Ellesmere Island

Posted: Apr 29, 2008 07:02 pm EDT

( Japanese Mitsuro Ohba has skied to the North Pole with resupplies and kite-traversed 3824 km on Antarctica with resupplies. Now he's out on a Longitudinal crossing of Canada's High Arctic from Resolute to Ward Hunt Island.

The aim is to compare the natural environment of the Canadian Arctic with that of 3 years ago and check in with the Inuit people living there. The expedition hopes to promote understanding of different cultures while creating a forum for examining and discussing the condition of the global community in the future.

The expedition set out mid February and is expected to last through mid May. Team member Tetsuji Nagatani aborted on March 25, leaving Ohba to complete the trek alone, currently to Eureka from Grise Fiord. Check in on the expedition website for positions and a number of cool pictures.


Image courtesy of, photo: Izuru Toki (click to enlarge).

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