Arctic Wrap-up: Borge and Mike hours away from the Pole

Posted: Mar 23, 2006 02:04 pm EST

( Mike Horn has responded to his meds, and the pair is now putting all their remaining energy into one final push for the Pole. After three months in the freezing, long Arctic dawn, they could reach their goal today.

North Pole winter

Borge and Mike: Just 21 km to go

I have good news! Mikes medicine has started working; hes far better today, reported Borge. He was fatigued this morning, but he is definitely improving. Weve put him on a double dose of medication, so everything is looking good here.

We have 21 km to go, and were extremely motivated for the final stretch. Tomorrow were looking toward the North Pole there isnt much else to say, he added after covering 25 km over an 11 hour push yesterday.

NP teams from Russia

Bettina and JG: Resupply tomorrow

The duo has reported one more day of fine ice conditions as well as a resupply, expected within the next few hours. They are having a drop down tomorrow, which will cause a late break up from the camp, reported their home team. Afterwards they will walk for as long as possible.

NP and crossing teams from Canada

Airborne Rangers: Facing bitter cold and wind

Today, we had our first real taste of Arctic winds: Biting cold at 12 m/s. The north-easterly gale blew straight at our facemasks, just off our right flank, reported the Finns.

In response to several e-mails they've received from concerned followers on the teams slow progress, the Finns ensure their fans that they are well on schedule. For the sake of comparison, the expedition led by Pole Fox Richard Weber, also trekking to the Pole unsupported in a two-man team, set off from Ward Hunt one day before we did - and his expedition is only about 25 km in front of us, they said.

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Today may be the day Borge and Mike reach the North Pole. Just yesterday, they covered 25 km in 11 hours. "Were pushing for the Pole on what we expect to be the last day," said Borge. Image courtesy of Mike Horn (click to enlarge).
Packed-ice sections like this are not exactly ideal for distance records, according to the Finnish team whose members ensure they are well on schedule despite apparently slow progression. Image courtesy of Airborne Rangers Club of Finland expedition (click to enlarge).

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