AdventureStats heads-up: Three poles correction - Erling Kagge first

Posted: Aug 13, 2008 08:17 pm EDT

( AdventureStats have announced an important correction to the "Three Poles" (Everest/South Pole/North Pole) statistics.

Korean Heo Young-Ho was previously noted as the first to do the 3 poles, but he is actually number 3.

Thanks to Korean contributors, clarifying information has arrived stating that while Heo's first North Pole expedition was a success in regards to the expedition; Heo himself did not complete the North Pole until 1995.

With that, the first to do all three Poles is Erling Kagge. Check in tomorrow for an ExWeb interview with the Norwegian pioneer explorer.

Three Poles on AdventureStats

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Many climbing/adventure books should be titled "me, myself and Everest." Occasionally though, a different story arrives. One such is Erling Kagge's "Philosophy for Polar Explorers."