Arctic Wrap-up: Dogs, kites and ice parties

Posted: Apr 05, 2006 02:20 pm EDT

( Remember Borge Ousland and Mike Horn? After trekking to the North Pole mostly in winter and unsupported, they should be aching to get back home. Wrong. The pair has been living in Barneo ice station since they completed their quest, and only plan to head home after the party.

'Polar regulars Paul Landry and daughter Sarah are leading the dog-sled Top of the World team at a regular pace towards the Pole and beyond. They share the same goal (a complete Arctic traverse, although not unsupported) as Bettina and Jean Gabriel. The Danish-French pair, however is using kites instead of dogs to gain time.

Finally, the British Army team heading for the Magnetic NP is already on the ice, if not further North than expected.

NP and crossing teams from Russia

NP winter: Leaving for home today

After waiting patiently at the Borneo Base for the runway to be completed, last night the Russians gave the all clear for the first commercial aircraft to land on the North Pole, reported Mikes home team.

This morning at approximately 1100GMT, Mike and Borge's friends, family and sponsors will arrive at Borneo Base to be reunited with the new record holding walking duo, then after spending a few hours on the ice they will return home.

Top of the world: Easygoing

We did 15 nautical miles today, 15 big ones, excellent travel day, reported Paul Landry.

"Sarah was leading and navigating on skis ahead, I was driving the front team and David was driving the second team, both of us on skis as well, holding onto the handle bars at the back and skiing along. Its quite nice and relaxing on the flat - but a lot of hard work when we are going through pressure ridges and jumping onto leads and so forth with skis on, but its all in a days travel.

Bettina and Jean Gabriel: Kiting

The team has covered 28 km using a kite. The reports from their home team is sketchy, but apparently only JG is using the kite, dragging both sledges behind, while Bettina is progressing on skis.

Magnetic North Pole teams

PolarQuest: Ready to go

At around 1730 (local time) we flew over Winter Harbour on Melville Island, but our pilot was unable to find a suitable landing strip due to low lying sea fog, reported the British Army team. In order to avoid further delays (our next opportunity would be Thursday) we asked the pilot to fly northwards and attempt to put us down on land. After several attempts we finally landed; impressed at the surprisingly short runway needed. Although we are North of our intended starting point we are all pleased to be on the ice at last and able to start our quest to Parry's cairn at Nias Point and the Magnetic North Pole.

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Mike Horn (left) and Borge Ousland in the tent - surely before dressing up to see their families, sponsors and friends, who are on their way to Barneo Station to see duo for the first time in months. Image courtesy of Mike Horn (click to enlarge).
Paul Landry (left) and his daughter Sarah taking some time off in the tent. Live image over Contact 3.0 courtesy of Top of the World /Adventure Ecology (click to enlarge).

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