Antarctic Expedition list update: 2 expeditions postponed

Posted: Oct 05, 2009 09:27 pm EDT

( Ronny Finsaas told ExplorersWeb that his and Fiona Lindsays kite-skiing expedition is postponed.

Antony Jinman also reported to ExWeb that his South Pole expedition is postponed due to a lack of funds. He managed to secure only half the funds and was part of Hannah McKeands team (Ronne-Filchner Ice Shelf Start).

Now Antonys plan is to focus on the North Pole in the Spring of 2010 and building up his school outreach program.

The North Pole is also attracting a nice amount of corporate interest and I am a lot more confident that this expedition will take place for March next year. This will be a full North Pole expedition from Canada, covering 480 miles across the frozen Arctic Ocean, something only 26 Britons have ever accomplished, he said on his website news.

Antony told ExplorersWeb he is selling The Ultimate Plum Pudding, one of the finest Christmas puddings, as fundraiser for his expedition plans.

The pudding is made by a small craft manufacturer in Cumbria and its absolutely gorgeous, he described it on his website. All the vine fruits are soaked overnight in lots of brandy and dry sherry. Fresh breadcrumbs and freshly grated carrot help give the pudding a lighter texture. Ingredients are top quality and much more varied than usual almonds, walnuts, stem ginger, apricots, cherries as well as the best, juicily alcoholic, raisins and sultanas. If you would like to order, see more details on Antonys website in the links section below the image.


The Ultimate Plum Pudding is available through Antony Jinman. Image courtesy of (click to enlarge)

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