First team at the North Pole

Posted: Apr 14, 2010 05:48 pm EDT

Richard Weber, Tessum Weber (both Canada), David Pierce Jones (Switzerland) and Howard Fairbank (South Africa) have arrived at the North Pole at approximately 15h00 GMT today, April 14, reported the home teams.

The journey over the last 24 hours has not been easy, and perhaps the most challenging, reported Howards home team. They were drifting and bad stormy conditions were challenging there last steps. Howard was more or less fully submerged without a drysuit. He rolled in the snow to get rid of as much as possible water.

He eventually got comfortable, but when they stopped to put up the tent, the very strong wind chilled him and has created frostbite damage on his toes. This was the condition he was in when after 2 hours sleep they set off for their final 10nm to bag the North Pole.

The second last day they traveled 12 nm in 14 hours, which wasn't as productive as we would have liked, but a lot of work done, said Howard.

The Weber home team reported they were sitting comfortably in their tent, waiting for the helicopter pick up from Barneo Ice Base to take them to Longyearbyen on Svalbard. They were exhausted but very happy they finally made it.

The four men started on March 3 from Cape Discovery and received one resupply.

News from Michele Pontrandolfo is that his home team reported to ExplorersWeb that he has decided to end his expedition. Micheles position on April 13 was 85° 30.673N, 73° 43.955W.

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The team before the expedition in Yellowknife: Howard Fairbank from South Africa, David Pierce-Jones from Switzerland, Tessum Weber, Canada, (friend Sven Neiderhauser) and Richard Weber, Canada.
courtesy Tessum Weber, SOURCE