Iceland crossing kicked off, and solo correction

Posted: Jul 16, 2010 06:30 pm EDT

Louis-Philippe Loncke from Belgium started his Iceland solo crossing on July 12 after arriving at the most northern point of the country. In his latest report he said he has reached the Ásbyrgi Gorge.

A correction on the first solo, without resupply, crossing of Iceland: Christopher Mike did it in 2008.

Christopher Mike

An earlier article stated that Louis-Philippe Loncke would be the first to cross Iceland solo, without a resupply. As reported, Christopher Mike has crossed Iceland between the counties two most extremes latitudes in 2008. Though he did it solo, without any resupplies, and not as reported with one resupply.

Christopher told ExplorersWeb he was the first person to walk solo and unassisted from Rifstangi (extreme North) to KĂśtlutangi at the extreme South of Iceland.

I did put in an emergency food cache and I have always been very clear about this. I did this for purely practical reasons, mainly to avoid having to launch a SAR rescue for something as avoidable as running out of food. I didn't actually need or use the cache but I felt it was the right and responsible thing to do. After all, Scott pioneered the idea and it seems reasonable to stick with the principle if it can be applied. I also doubt that anyone would refer to his final journey as assisted.

Christopher says that he truly wishes Louis-Philippe all the best of luck, this is a big challenge. And adds he has no doubt that Louis-Philippe will better his time of 27 days for the crossing. He should do, I told him how to do it [when he contacted me for help last year].

Louis-Philippe Lonckes first days

When the Belgium arrived in Iceland the end of last week he did some last food shopping and also bought some maps in Reykjavik. Then he took a plane to Akureyi from where he had to get to his start point at Rifstangi.

On July 13 Louis-Philippe reached 66°10 16°18N about 40km south of his start point, reported his home team. His bag is heavy (there will be no resupply until the end of the crossing) and as the land is very rocky he has to suffer a little bit from his feet and knees. Nothing serious for the moment but he knows he has to be very cautious to reach his goal.

July 14 he reached Ásbyrgi Gorge and reported to have crossed powerful streams. At a river he had to walk across a bridge to avoid being frozen and swept away by the force of the water.

Louis-Philippe reported good weather during the first days. See also a detailed list of his food and equipment in his blog.

Louis-Philippe Loncke started his Iceland crossing on July 12, 2010 from the most Northern point at Rifstangi and attempt to walk solo to the most Southern point at KĂśtlutangi.

In the Australian winter of 2008 Belgium adventurer Louis-Philippe Loncke walked solo, unassisted from North to South across the Simpson Desert. His route took him from Jervois, across the centre of the desert to Macumba Station in the South.

Louis-Philippe has a passion for the Oceanic countries where he already has traveled thousands of kilometers. Some of his adventures: He walked solo, unsupported across the West MacDonnell National Park in Australia, starting West and walking East to finish in Alice Springs; walked solo, unsupported, South to North across Fraser Island, the biggest sand island in the world; and walked across the Tasmanian wilderness.

Apart from walking across remote wilderness areas, Louis-Philippe is also a painter and photographer and he loves scuba diving.


Christopher Mike (in the photo) was the first person to walk solo and unassisted from Rifstangi in the extreme North of Iceland to Kötlutangi in the extreme South (click to enlarge)
courtesy Christopher Mike, SOURCE
Louis-Philippe Lonckes food for his Iceland crossing (click to enlarge)
courtesy Louis-Philippe Loncke, SOURCE

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