Johan's Journey Pole2Pole (almost) finished

Posted: Jan 20, 2012 09:11 pm EST

(Newsdesk) Reaching the South Pole yesterday Antarctica marks the end station for Swedish Everest climber Johan Ernst Nilson, who has spent every day since last spring on a great non-stop Pole2Pole hike.

Nilson was dropped on the North Pole in April last year and skied to Canada, from where he biked to South America, and after an airlift to Novo, finally kited to the South Pole where he arrived yesterday battered but not broken.

"We are all explorers, even if we are not adventurers," Johan says. On this journey he added another aspect of discovery: to meet political and spiritual leaders, as well as regular folks all over the world, and discuss life with them.

Travel complications forced Johan to hit the ice a bit sooner than he had planned, so he will do some more biking with his injuries before his great world hike truly ends.
Check in on Johan's website for pictures, reports and videos from his big voyage.

Johan Ernst Nilson's previous expeditions include the Seven Summits, kite over Greenland, kayak to Africa and hiking across Alaska. An odyssey within the mind, his next expedition "The 8th Summit - Exploration within" will include 100 days of meditation in a Tibetan monastery.

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Screenshot of Johan's interactive map.
Image by Johan Nilsson courtesy Johan Nilsson, SOURCE
Where it all began: Johan skiing from the North Pole to Canada.
Image by Harald Kippenes courtesy Johan Nilson (live over Contact5), SOURCE

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