Antarctica: Dixie Dansercoer and Sam Deltour bag kiting world record

Posted: Jan 30, 2012 05:04 pm EST

(Angela Benavides) In 2006 Norwegian Rune kited 4804 km across Antarctica in 90 days without resupplies. At 4829,4 km today Dixie Dansercoer and Sam Deltour beat the record, now holding the longest non-motorized Antarctic trip without drops.

“What does one do after setting a world record, especially when no one is around to witness it?” asks Polar Circles' home team Julie Brown. Apparently, one skis on, because after 70 days the guys are not there yet.

The quest is planned to end at Novo base and it's also unclear how the Belgians will leave the continent. "We don’t know their final exit strategy," Julie told ExplorersWeb. "We do know that the final ALCI flight from ALCI Airbase/NOVO will be on February 28th, but that flight is already full without Sam & Dixie. So it is clear that no matter what, they will be departing Antarctica before then. We shall see..."

Oh, and there's one more thing one could do after a record: Julie said he (Dixie) “did what any middle-aged man about-to-turn-50 would do. He called his much younger about-to-turn 48 year old wife and said with all of the testosterone he could muster: ’Would you like to sleep with a world record holder?’

Julie and Dixie are married and have four children.

Dixie and Sam set off from Novo base on November 22, 2011 at 74° 53’ 40 S (74.89444), 12° 18’ 27 E (12.3075). They arrived at the South Pole on December 21.

Union Glacier last flight out

Aleks, Cas, Jonesy and Johan are in Union Glacier waiting for the last flight out of the season - which includes the crew - and that won't happen until they've prepared the base for the winter, so some time between today and February 2nd.

Antarctica 2011-12 teams still on the ice

Hercules Inlet - SP - Hercules Inlet, unassisted, unsupported:
Aleksander Gamme, Norway (solo)
Australian James Castrission and Justin Jones (Cas & Jonesy - return)

Novolazarevskaya - SP (kites)
Johan Ernst Nilson

Novolazarevskaya - SP - traverses, unassisted, kite-supported
Dixie Dansercoer and Sam Deltour


Image by Dixie Dansercoer courtesy Dixie Dansercoer - Polar Circles
Map showing Dixie Dansercoer and Sam Deltour's proress across Antarctica, on Jan 30, 2012 (after 70 days on the ice).
courtesy Dixie Dansercoer - Polar Circles, SOURCE