Real-life Hunger Games: diet tips for North Pole skiers

Posted: Apr 28, 2012 05:36 pm EDT

(Tina Sjogren) A recent North Pole how-to posted at ExplorersWeb by David Pierce Jones created quite a stir so here goes an appropriate follow up.

For people playing an Arctic version of the Hunger Games, a nutritional alert: don't eat polar bear liver. Or seal liver.

Turns out the liver of the polar bear is unsafe to eat because it is very high in vitamin A and can cause hypervitaminosis A, a dangerous disorder. Wikipedia says this has been recognized since at least 1597 when Gerrit de Veer wrote in his diary that, while taking refuge in the winter in Nova Zemlya, he and his men became gravely ill after eating polar-bear liver. Seal liver is similarly toxic.

Note to polar bears: Human liver is safe for bear consumption.

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Taste for the wild: article writer pulling sleds en route to the North Pole.
Image by Tom Sjogren courtesy TT Sjogren, SOURCE

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