Video: Shackleton Epic landing at South Georgia

Posted: Feb 04, 2013 07:45 pm EST

(Newsdesk) They have been seasick, navigated with the stars, a compass and sextant, spent nights without sleep in wet bedding, were cold in sodden clothes and sailed in seven meter swells. On sunny, calmer days they were completing domestic duties. "The warm, dry conditions helped with drying out sodden clothes and bedding above deck while the calmer waters aided in getting the Primus working properly, putting hot pemmican (lard) meals on the menu again," reported the expedition blogger.

The six men on the Alexandra Shackleton landed on the beach at Peggotty Bluff, South Georgia island, at 15.30 GMT/UTC February 3rd or 02.30am AEDT February 4th at the same location where Ernest Shackleton and his men landed the James Caird nearly 100 years ago. They sailed 800 nautical miles in 12 days.

Jo Stewart, Shackleton Epic blogger wrote, "Obviously the combined sailing and survival skills of the crew have got them to this point, but good old fashioned luck played a part too. There were so many factors that couldn’t be controlled on this expedition. The weather and sailing conditions were a big one, but the Alexandra Shackleton sailed well through a broad spectrum of them: fog, howling gales, huge swells, sun, snow, rain and more. But lady luck also shined on the crew of the Alexandra Shackleton by not throwing a hurricane at them as they closed in on South Georgia Island – something that Shackleton and his men weren’t lucky enough to avoid, but proved skilful enough to survive."

Three of men Tim Jarvis, Barry Gray and Ed Wardle, still have the re-enactment of the Shackleton land and mountain crossing to complete to Stormness.

Video: Shackleton Epic landing on South Georgia

The crew on the Alexandra Shackleton is: expedition leader Tim Jarvis, cameraman Ed Wardle, skipper Nick Bubb, navigator Paul Larsen, bosun Seb Coulthard, and mountaineer Barry 'Baz' Gray.
Read more about and the lifeboat crew here, and the support vessel crew here.

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The Alexandra Shackleton in rough seas.
Image by Jo Stewart/Shackleton Epic courtesy Shackleton Epic, SOURCE
Expedition leader Tim Jarvis and Navigator Paul Larsen on deck of the Alexandra Shackleton, drying out clothes.
Image by Jo Stewart/Shackleton Epic courtesy Shackleton Epic, SOURCE

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