Francois Quiquet off to Sweden's Sarek National Park.

Posted: Mar 07, 2013 08:08 pm EST

(Newsdesk) In 2011 Francois Quiquet from France skied alone across Kebnekaise. Since then he was looking for a new area to cross in Europe. "After talking to a lot of people, I found Sarek, the biggest and the last wild area in Europe," he said to ExplorersWeb. "This is an uninhabited area with no track and no hut. It's most engaged than my previous trip. It's a real challenge for me."

The distance he plans to travel on his Nordic Touring skis and pulling a sled is 150km; covering 12 to 20 km per day. Francois can be tracked here

What has he learned from his previous trip that he will apply on this one, ExWeb wants to know? "My previous solo trip was in the north of Lapland. It's was my first polar trip. I was a beginner. Now I know myself better. I learnt a lot of techniques about winter trips. I'm less afraid. I'm less stressed. Now, I have my own gears and it's better. I'm very excited to go there. Experience is very important during such a trip."


What does he want to achieve? "My wish is to have a new experience with solitude and autonomy in the largest desert of ice in Europe. This is a wanted experience to live extraordinary moments. Sarek is considered to be the sanctuary of the Wilderness."

"I'm not looking for sporting achievement. Rather, I seek rather to praise of slow travel."

"My goal is to enjoy the present moment, this kind of intense moments where you are alone in the middle of nowhere. These are teachable moments, apart from modern life in society."

"I also seek to highlight a trip closer to nature and non-polluting."

"The Sarek National Park is considered one of the most beautiful natural areas in Sweden. Northern lights will further forward the beauty of the area. Then I would be in a privileged place in a simple."

Travel plan

Francois' travel plan:
Flight Paris - Stockholm - Gallivare
Gällivare - Ritsem (3h20 bus ride) Ritsem - Akka : 15 km Akka - Kisuris : 15 km Kisuris - Nijak : 20 km Nijak - Mikkastugan : 18 km Mikkastugan - Skarkistugan : 16 km Skarkistugan - Aktse : 28 km Aktse - Sitojaure : 14 km Sitojaure - Saltoluokta - Kebnats : 25 km Kebnats - Gallivare (2h bus ride)
Flight Gallivare - Stockholm - Paris

Sarek National Park is a national park, in the province Lapland in northern Sweden. The national park is roughly circular with an average diameter of about 50 kilometers (31 miles). The park has no marked trails, no accommodations, and only two bridges. Furthermore, the area is among the most rainy in Sweden, which makes hiking dependent on weather conditions. Most notably, the national park houses a number of high mountains of over 2,000 meters (6,600 ft). In fact, 6 of Sweden's 13 peaks over 2,000 meters are located inside the boundaries of the national park. Among these is the second highest mountain in Sweden, Sarektjåkkå. Sometimes the massif of Mt. Ahkka, located just north from Sarek National Park, is also included to the geographical Sarek, which makes the number of 2,000 meter peaks inside the park 8 instead of 6. The park also houses around 200 peaks that reach 1,800 meters (5,900 ft) or higher. Due to the long walk up, the mountains are seldom climbed. Read more on Wikipedia.

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Francois Quiquet previously on the ice.
courtesy Francois Quiquet, SOURCE
courtesy Francois Quiquet, SOURCE
courtesy Francois Quiquet, SOURCE

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