Cars and dogsled departed from the North Pole

Posted: Apr 08, 2013 07:41 pm EDT

(Newsdesk) The amphibious cars continue their North Pole crossing, and the two Russians and their 12 dogs are heading for Greenland across the sea ice.

Konyukhov and Simonov

Apart from the Cessna that flew over the North Pole on April 6, the two Russian men, Fyodor/Fedor Konyukhov and Victor Simonov departed from the Geographic North Pole with their 12 sled dogs to South Greenland. Their sledge weighs 80 pounds empty and 480 kg loaded.

Fyodor and Victor estimate to be traveling for 4 months covering approx. 4000 km. The sled dogs are bred in Karelia and were specifically trained for this expedition. Karelia is the only region in Russia where one of the World Cup stages in mushing is held, as well as other large international competitions in this kind of sport.

On April 6th, Fyodor, a priest of the Russian Orthodox Church, conducted a ceremony at the North Pole before they left.

Amphibious vehicles

Vasily Elagin and his group of 6 Russians in their two amphibious vehicles also arrived at 90°N from Russia on April 6th, from where they carried on to Canada. They reported that the Canadian coast is 350km closer to the Pole than their start point from Russia. The Russians took all their fuel with them in trailers to be unsupported during the crossing. They took 37 days to get to the North Pole. On both the Red and Green Cars the fuel consumption was 88,48 liter/100km, reported the team. They have 1800 liters fuel left to get them to Resolute Bay. They reported to be negotiating pressure ridges and leads (open water) and the team is tired.

April 6, 2013
Geographical North Pole N 90 ° 00,000'
"It is the second time in the history of world automotive industry that cars reached the North Pole from the nearest land," reported the home team. "And again, as four years ago, these cars are "Yemelya", of Vasily Yelagin's design. This time they reached the North Pole from Severnaya Zemlya in 37 days, which is only one day less than in 2009."

In 2009 two amphibious vehicles of MLAE-2009, Yemelya-1 and Yemelya-2, reached the Geographic North Pole after traversing 2033 km from Sredniy Island in the Severnaya Zemlya archipelago to 90°N.

This year Yemelya-3 and Yemelya-4 will be used by the Marine Live-ice Automobile Expedition-2013 to attempt to go beyond the North Pole to Resolute Bay, Canada.

The 2013 team is Elagin Vasily (leader, vehicle designer and builder), Makovnev Afanasy (deputy leader), Vankov Andrey (driver-mechanic), Obikhod Vladimir (driver-mechanic), Shkrabkin Alexey (driver-mechanic), Kozlov Nikolai (doctor), and Isaev Sergey (driver-mechanic).

Yemelya is an amphibious vehicle designed for transportation over ice floes and thin ice of the Arctic Ocean. Its six wheels are dressed with special low pressure tires inflated to the mere 0,7 bar. The gross vehicle weight is under 1,5 tons while the total water displacement of the six inflated tires constitutes 4 tons resulting in the very shallow draft of the vehicle body in water - just 10 centimeters.

Despite the large profile and windage characteristics of vehicle’s body, its spinning wheels are capable of propelling at the speed of 2-3 km/h on the open water. The vehicle tows three single-axel trailers each loaded with a pair of 200 L fuel barrels and six 130 L plastic containers for food and gear.

Read more Yemelya specifications here.

[Ed side-note: The cars driven by Jeremy Clarkson and the Top Gear team reached the 1996 position of the Magnetic North Pole (78° 35'42N, 104° 11'54.00"W)]

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Russian amphibious vehicles closing in on the North Pole

North Pole dogsled: Russian expedition from 90°N to South Greenland


The Russian amphibious cars at the North Pole, 90°N.
courtesy Barneo Ice Camp 2013, SOURCE
On both the Red and Green Cars the fuel consumption was 88,48 liter/100km, reported the team.
courtesy Barneo Ice Camp 2013, SOURCE
courtesy MLAE 2013, SOURCE
Fedor Konyukhov and Victor Simonov, with the head of Barneo, Oleg Gordichuk.
courtesy Barneo Ice Camp 2013, SOURCE

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