Arctic, Antarctica, Greenland and Baikal icebiking: Make your own

Posted: Apr 21, 2013 04:10 pm EDT

(Newsdesk) Kicked off in 2003 by Doug Stoup at Antarctica fatbiking on ice is going "mainstream". Lake Baikal is one biking destination, Greenland another.

Some are fatbiking and rafting the Arctic while paralyzed Karen Darke is to attempt a biking sit-ski to the South Pole.

The technology still needs some work, Eric Larsen's South Pole attempt didn't get very far this winter (neither did Doug's in 2003) but if you'd like to join the adventure maker movement, here's an instructable on how to convert your bike to a snowbike.

Biking to the Pole is cool. Hitting the ice in style is cooler. Check out Lone Ranger formerly owned by Google Chairman Eric Schmidt and the Ocean institute. Price recently knocked down from 20 to 4 million, the tug is advertized as a "low key luxury" research vessel.

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Eric Larsen icebiking Antarctica.
courtesy Eric Larsen, SOURCE