Natalia Almeida and Ben Weber to cycle and ski Arctic Canada

Posted: Dec 14, 2014 11:51 pm EST


(By Correne Coetzer)  Adventure couple, Benjamin Weber and Natalia Almeida, has recently completed a cycle trip from São Paulo in Brazil to Santiago, Chile, via Buenos Aires in Argentina. This was in preparation for their upcoming Winter cycle and ski expedition across Canada from the southern border with the United States to the northernmost active settlement of Resolute Bay.


Winter across Canada


In February this year Ben and Natalia have trained in Iqaluit, Baffin Island, with Matty McNair and her daughter Sarah (currently on the tractor expedition on Antarctica) for their Winter and Arctic challenge.


They will shortly embark on a journey of 3,300 km (2,175 miles) across Canada this winter with the Cetaphil Cross Canada Challenge. The couple will cycle, and later ski, from the southern border with the United States to Resolute Bay. 


They will travel through the Arctic winter, where temperatures with wind-chill have been known to reach less than -70ºC; There they will by mixing their cycle journey with ski and kite ski. Ben and Natalia will travel over roads, through forests, over tundra and sea ice before they reach their final destination.


South America cycle


From 1 October until 10 November 2014, Natalia and Ben cycled over 3,600km from the city of São Paulo in Brazil to Santiago, Chile, via Buenos Aires in Argentina, in the Daylong Challenge South America. This journey across South America proved to be a challenge and helped the team further prepare for the challenges of cycling long distances in the main expedition.


The whole journey took the team forty days. They cycled through temperatures ranging from as low as -2ºC up to +43ºC; experienced variable conditions from wind and rain, thunder and lightning; mechanical problems; heavy traffic and endless hill climbing. The Challenge gave the team further high altitude experience as they travelled up and over the Andes as they crossed over them into Chile, near Aconcagua.


Check in again for an interview with the couple and follow their blog updates in the News Feed on Explorersweb.




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Ben (right) blogging: "The week before last I was in England, picking up a load of our polar clothing and equipment, getting some more clothes (new wind-suits that will help protect us from the freezing winds were a nice addition to the wardrobe…), and a couple of new bikes, before we set out on this new adventure."
courtesy Benjamin Weber and Natalia Almeida, SOURCE
The route across Canada from the southern border with the US to Resolute Bay in the Arctic (crossing sea ice on route)
courtesy Benjamin Weber and Natalia Almeida, SOURCE

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