Borge Ousland and Vincent Colliard to cross 20 largest glaciers

Posted: Jul 18, 2014 10:45 am EDT


(By Correne Coetzer) Veteran Norwegian polar explorer, Borge Ousland (52), and 28-year-old French adventurer, Vincent Colliard, have teamed up for a long term project. Their aim is to cross the 20 largest glaciers on earth in the next 10 years. This journey will take them from Russia (Novaya Zemlya Glacier), to Alaska, Patagonia, Pakistan, Ellesmere Island, the Poles and more.


The men kick off their project, IceLegacy, in August 2014 on the ice of the Svalbard Archipelago.


In 2010, Ousland and Colliard were partnering for the first time when main crew members, Ousland and Thorleif Thorleifsson, were circumnavigating the Arctic Ocean on a trimaran in one season. They were also team mates in 2012 with a ski-crossing of Nordauslandet [North East Land], Svalbard.


Interested adventurers can participate in the August trip across Spitsbergen, Svalbard, they say in a newsletter. It will be guided by Borge.





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Ousland and Colliard were partnering the first time during a circumnavigation of the Arctic.
courtesy Borge Ousland / IceLegacy, SOURCE
Norge and Vincent during the Arctic circumnavigation.
courtesy Borge Ousland Exploration, SOURCE