Heads up: Angelo Wilkie-Page for Double Human-powered Circumnavigation

Posted: Jun 23, 2014 08:16 am EDT


(By Correne Coetzer, edited Jun 25, 17:42 EDT, to reflect planned duration of expedition) Angelo Wilkie-Page sent over news to ExplorersWeb about his planned double human power circumnavigation. First he wants to travel around the world from East to West and then from Pole to Pole (Expedition 720°). He wants to be the first person to do so. Angelo's expedition kicks off in August 2014 when he starts cycling from Los Angeles in California to Anchorage in Alaska.


The 29 year old South African plans to cross all the lines of latitude and longitude using only human power, i.e. no motors, no sails, no solar. This journey is planned to take a period of 8 years. [Ed note Jun 25, 17:42 EDT: correction, 8 years, not 6 as previously reported.] He will have a support crew, Angelo told ExWeb.


The Route is broken up into 2 parts, the first part is the traditional East to West circumnavigation and the second part "the ultimate challenge": the Pole to Pole circumnavigation. Each part will be

broken up into 4 separate legs. Angelo will be crossing all lines of longitude and latitude, 4 Antipodal points and cross the equator at 4 separate points, as specified by the The Guinness World Records and AdventureStats rules.


A Few Facts he supplies:


• Expedition 720° will take place on 7 continents

• Across more than 48 countries

• A total distance of around 115,000 kilometers

• Row and paddle 4 oceans and 9 seas

• Cross 6 deserts including 5 of the worlds biggest deserts


Wilkie-Page will be using this non-profit experience as a platform for numerous grass-roots initiatives that will raise global awareness on important environmental issues, involving schools, raising funds for various rural development initiatives in South Africa and more.


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Angelo Wilkie-Page route across 7 continents, covering approximately 115,000 km (click to enlarge).
courtesy Angelo Wilkie-Page, SOURCE
Promo video
courtesy Angelo Wilkie-Page, SOURCE
Angelo to cross more than 48 countries and row and paddle 4 oceans and 9 seas.
courtesy Angelo Wilkie-Page, SOURCE

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