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Posted: Oct 11, 2013 12:42 pm EDT


(By Correne Coetzer) While the first South Pole skiers are ready for kick-off on Antarctica, the North Pole promises to be a busy year next year.  ExplorersWeb and our North Pole contributors are working on the list. Several South Pole skiers are heading North. As usual for such an expensive expedition, securing sponsorship plays a big role in the final call.


2013 season


In the 2013 season only the Russians took up the challenge on the Arctic Ice. Fyodor/Fedor Konyukhov and Victor Simonov, left the Geographic North Pole (90°N) on April 6 with their dog team and reached the Canadian coast in the area of Cape Columbia on May 22.


Vasily Elagin and his team with their amphibious vehicles crossed the Arctic Ocean from Russia to Canada in 61 days.


2013-2014 season


Alex Hibbert and his team, James Weldon, Anastasia Kim and Anders Rasmussen, are heading to Greenland for their bold winter project to the Geographic North Pole, starting in December 2013.


Noah Nochasak, the Inuit kid from Canada, sent over news to ExplorersWeb that he will be skiing from the Geographic North Pole to land, together with Thomas Ulrich and Arnold Witzig. Thomas is know for his polar expeditions with Borge Ousland on the Southern Patagonia Ice Cap and kayak-ski from the GNP to Franz Joseph Land. Arnold skied with Hannah McKeand to the South Pole.  


Eric Larsen and Ryan Waters have been doing serious training this year for their expedition from Ellesmere Island to 90 degrees North, starting February. As for previous polar expeditions, Eric has skied twice to the North Pole (full routes that is, from land to the Pole) and twice to the Geographic South Pole (from coast to Pole). Ryan has skied across Antarctica, from Berkner Island via the SP to the Ross Ice Shelf at the bottom of Axel Heiberg Glacier, unassisted and unsupported. Both have climbed Everest.


Three British 2011-12 South Pole skiers are also teaming up, Mark Wood,  Louis Rudd and Paul (Vic) Vicary. Respectively they skied from Hercules Inlet (Mark solo), Bay of Whales and Cape Evans. The men plan to get on the Arctic Ice in February and travel unassisted, unsupported to the Geographic North Pole.


Japanese Yasu Ogita also told ExplorersWeb that he will be back for a solo attempt.


Watch this space for more NP news.




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Eric Larsen doing the most effective polar training.
courtesy Eric Larsen, SOURCE

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