Major clean up for the Arctic Franz Josef Land scheduled

Posted: Oct 13, 2011 07:45 am EDT

(Newsdesk) The most dangerous environmental pollutants on Franz Josef Land will be removed and recycled in the first place as part of a major cleanup of the Arctic, Marina Nekrasova, leading research associate of the Production Forces Research Council (SOPS) said on October 12, reported

The main threat to the archipelago's ecosystem are the barrels containing fuel and lubricants which litter the territory, Gleb Fetisov, SOPS chairman and correspondent member of the Russian Academy of Sciences said.

"Some barrels have rusted and oil has been leaking out of them, which poses a serious threat to the environment, especially because most of these pollutants are located near historical and cultural facilities, or in special protected areas of the Russian Arctic national park," Fetisov said.

Fetisov added that the expedition found 400,000 barrels on the archipelago as well as 700 containers of varying size that hold 10-50 metric tons of oil and lubricants.


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