Pulkahut Cameron M. Smith expands to Space

Posted: Sep 05, 2012 03:11 am EDT

(Newsdesk) Remember Cameron and his pulkahut rigid sled in Iceland?

We ran the story in relation to Brazilian Julio Fiadi's habitable sledge when it was first seen in Antarctica.

Fiadi's "American cousin" Cameron M Smith shot over pics all the way from Portland of his own 'live-in sledge' used at Iceland's Vatnajokull ice cap in 2001-2004.

Lightweight Earth exploration travel in extreme environments lends hands from the Space industry and could in turn pave way for future travel on other planets we wrote back then.

We gave the example of Orca, the first Expedition 30 multi-hull rowing boat ever used for an Atlantic crossing that was created by a former engineer of Burt Rutan's Scaled Composites (SpaceShip One).

Fast forward five years to this month's issue of Wired magazine. There's pulkahut Cameron again, this time
building a Space suit!

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Cameron's "pulkahut" made camping easy.
Image by Cameron M Smith courtesy Cameron M Smith, SOURCE
Camp setup and take-down was a 2-minute affair.
Cameron M. Smith.
Image by Wired courtesy Wired, SOURCE