Age and Everest: Fruit flies vs. seniors stats rerun

Posted: May 10, 2011 12:21 am EDT

(AdventureStats) In 2007, a dangerous study spread like a wildfire in global news. Its conclusion, "On Everest, youth and vigor trump age and experience."

The study was based on a total of three (!) 60+ climbers, dying on Everest since 1922. Parts of the paper claimed there's a 25% risk of dying after Everest summit for people over 60 years old. That number was based on two climbers, out of 10,000 attempts.

The study proved wrong, even more with additional seniors bagging the peak in 2008 and then again in 2009.

With the sad news today that Sailendra Kumar Upadhyaya, 82, died in the icefall, a rerun of the stats that ExplorersWeb posted back in 2007 could prove timely. Here they go:

Alert to senior climbers: Beware of dangerous Everest study
ExWeb Special - Fruit flies vs. climbers: A Guide to a Perfect Life.

Formerly Nepal's foreign minister and member of the Senior Citizen Everest Expedition according to some media reports Sailendra Kumar Upadhyaya was hit by an avalanche in the icefall but it seems cause of death remains unknown.

The SCEE non-profit was set up to empower neglected senior citizens living in poverty in Nepal.


Sailendra Kumar Upadhyaya died on Everest at age 82 today.
Image by Senior citizen Mt. Everest Expedition Nepal courtesy Senior citizen Mt. Everest Expedition Nepal, SOURCE
"Miura could be considered to be the first speedriding pilot in the world!" says Mal about the Japanese Everest record climber, still going strong.

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