Thuraya plan change explained

Posted: Mar 16, 2013 03:43 pm EDT

From 2013 Thuraya replaced the "ECO" and "PREPAY" SIM cards with the "NOVA" plan. Below an introduction to the NOVA plan and old SIM migration information..

The NOVA is a prepaid card that automatically will switch between two different call rates depending on geographic location of the caller. As an example: Everest in Thuraya E-zone (Nepal and Tibet/China) is $0.90/min to call a US/Europe phone. On K2, Pakistan (non E-zone) it's $1.85/min.*

*this information has been corrected on Mar 17, 2013

Read more about the plans here

Get the NOVA for $59 with a validity time of 24 month after which it will be automatically renewed for $20.

Add minutes to the NOVA SIM

To add minutes to the SIM card buy scratch cards in denomination of 50, 160, 500, 1000 or 2500 units. A unit is roughly equivalent of a minute.

More here.

Migrating ECO SIM to NOVA

According to Thuraya all existing ECO SIM's have now been migrated into NOVA accounts. On the expiry date a $20 renewal fee will be charged (keep that amount on the account) and the SIM extended for 24 months. No action needed by the user.

Migrating PREPAY SIM to NOVA

You can choose to either keep the PREPAY SIM with the present plan and 12 month validity ($39 extension fee), or you can migrate it to NOVA.

To migrate the PREPAY to NOVA you need to contact Thuraya HQ and they will migrate for a fee of $20.

The PREPAY SIM has a flat rate of $1.49/min so if you spend much time in an E-country it will be better to migrate to NOVA. If you spend more time in a non E (like Pakistan) it's better to leave it as is.
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