Heads up: Trek Expeditions in Poland, Death Valley and Sahara Desert

Posted: May 02, 2012 09:09 pm EDT

(Newsdesk) At the end of the week Belgian Louis-Philippe Loncke will be off to Poland to do mountain trekking and kayaking between the highest summit of Poland (Mount Rysy, 2499m) to the Baltic Sea. During the trip he will be joined by Tomasz Grzywaczewski, Natalie Hill and Anna Zietek.

In August Ripley Davenport (UK) and a fellow adventurer will be heading off to endure the heat of Death Valley in the USA and early next year he plans to retrace a 1928 route across the Sahara Desert.


The Loncke team will start next week by climbing Mount Rysy, then hike North-west across the Tatras mountains to Mt Barania Góra (1220m), find the source of the Vistula (the longest river in Poland) and follow it to the Baltic Sea.

According to Loncke they will cover a total distance of 1200 km: 150 km traversing the mountain areas, 50 km pack rafting, and 1000 km kayaking. The aim is to complete the journey in 28 days by travelling 42 km per day.

Tomasz will join Louis-Philippe during the mountain trekking and during the kayak leg he and Natalie will join in on a boat, while Anna will join in on the boat for 5-6 days around week 3. Loncke will be the only one traveling human-powered on the kayak.

The team will be self-sufficient in the mountains and stock up on supplies in large cities like Krakow and Warsaw, but they will be happy to get food from the local people said Loncke to ExWeb.

Death Valley and Sahara Desert

Ripley Davenport has two expeditions in the pipeline; the first one to Death Valley in August and the second in the Sahara early 2013.

He shot over the following to ExWeb: “[Death Valley] is not about claims of a solo, first, fastest or longest, just a personal aim of attempting a North to South traverse hauling 2 wheeled trailers.”

“The plan is for myself and a fellow adventurer (not Todd Carmichael I'm sorry to say), to be completely self sufficient and off-road with minimal provisions and use, but not depend on, a urine purification system. Given the terrain, it will be a personal physical, mental and physiological test.”

“Both trailers will be lighter and stronger than the Mongolia 2010 Expedition Molly Brown with larger, re-enforced wheels with puncture free tires and thicker spokes. I learned some valuable lessons in Mongolia and have taken some fresh ideas back to the drawing board based on many desert trailers and information from those have sampled the delights that Death Valley has to offer. It will be an extremely difficult task but I'd like to give it a go.”

“The second, and confirmed, will be a traverse of the Sahara Desert, South to North from Timbuktu to Fez in early 2013. The aim is to retrace the route that French explorer Rene Caillie took, on his return journey in 1828.”

“It will be purely on foot, with camel caravan using minimal and traditional provisions. I would like to make the journey using alternative navigation methods, as employed by ancient traders and Saharan explorers. The journey will span about 1200 miles.”

Read more on their websites:

Louis-Philippe Loncke and team - Poland

Ripley Davenport – Death Valley

Ripley Davenport – Sahara Desert


The Poland trek and kayak route.
courtesy Louis-Philippe Loncke
Ripley Davenport's 2010 trailer.
Image by Ripley Davenport courtesy Ripley Davenport, SOURCE

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