World Cycle Race 2014

Posted: May 05, 2013 06:45 pm EDT

(Newsdesk) The Adventurists launched the World Cycle Race 2014 an 18,000 mile round-the-world bike race. The Race launches March 22nd, 2014 from multiple start points, London, Singapore and Auckland.

The Race will be free to enter and features 3 classes, self-supported and assisted classes plus a category for riders in pairs.

The spring equinox (March 22nd) has been chosen as the departure date so potential competitors have enough time to prepare and so that daylight conditions do not favor any particular location, says Race organizer Dan Wedgwood to ExplorersWeb. London, Auckland and Singapore have also been chosen as locations which have featured in many past circumnavigations. The simultaneous launch will also encourage more international participation and give competitors more options for their route and direction.

Tom Morgan, founder of The Adventurists said, “We want this to be the kind of race that anyone off the street can pick up a bike and take on the planet. It’s an absolute beast of an adventure and totally different to any other cycling race in the world. There are so many different factors thrown at the riders it’s not obvious who'll win."

The organizers says the current claimant on the Men’s World Record is Thomas Großerichter of Germany whose supported attempt was the first after Guinness World Records changed the rules to include total travel time and saw him return to Berlin in 105 days. Juliana Buhring is the current claimant to the Women’s record with a time of 152 days.

In 2012 Englishman Mike Hall took part in the rider led World Cycle Racing Grand Tour, setting a new record of 107 days which remains the fastest unsupported circumnavigation. The official Guinness World Record rules do not distinguish between supported and unsupported circumnavigations so all the riders taking part in 2014 are potential record breakers, states the organizers.

The Adventurists have been “making the world less boring” for more than 10 years now with vehicle based adventures all over the world and are known for the infamous Mongol Rally in which participants drive underpowered cars and motorcycles from UK to Ulaanbaatar. More recently they have added even lower horsepower events to their league with the world’s longest horse race, The Mongol Derby and now the World Cycle Race.


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