Heads up: Mr. Nam and team to cross Australian Deserts

Posted: Mar 21, 2014 02:02 pm EDT


(By Kyu Dam Lee, ExplorersWeb South Korea, updated Mar 23) 

South Korean explorer, Young-Ho Nam (37), who has crossed ‘Great Basin Desert’ in the States, the ‘Arabian Empty Quarter’ and three other deserts in a mission to cross 10 big deserts by human power, is now on his way to Australia. 


Mr. Nam told Explorersweb, he plans to cross ‘Great Sandy Desert’ and ‘Gibson Desert’ in Australia by fatbike with American Jason Richard Smith (35), and Australian Rian Cope (28). They will be unsupported and travel only by human power. Mr. Nam said he would like to put all his equipment for the expedition, like "the tent, sleeping bag, water food and stoves, camera, and so on” into the panniers on the bike, if possible.


He is planning to depart Korea on April 14, 2014, with his American team mate, to start his 1600 km desert expedition on April 20. Mr. Nam said that they will start from Alice Springs and finish at Eighty Mile Beach where they will see the Indian Ocean after 20 days cycling.


His route is almost straight from Alice Springs to Eighty Mile Beach, along Gary Junction Road, 990 km, and Wapet Road, 620 km. [Update] Young-Ho Nam added that tried to choose the route as close as possible to the center of desert, but there were many areas to where he had to get special approval from the government and military. It was his limitation, and he has to follow the fence of the forbidden areas for civilians along the road.



Young-Ho Nam previously:

- crossed ‘Eurasia Continent (18,000 km, from China to Portugal)’ by bicycle (2006)

- crossed ‘Takla Makan Desert (450 km)’ on foot (2009)

- did ‘Ganges River (2510 km, from origin to Bengal)’ by kayak and on foot (2010)

- crossed ‘Gobi Desert (1600 km)’ on foot (2011)

- crossed ‘Great Victoria Desert (1400 km)’ by bicycle and on foot (2012)

- crossed ‘Empty Quarter (1,000 km form Salalah, Oman, to Liwa, UAE)’ on foot

- crossed ‘Great Basin Desert (700 km from Salt Lake, Utah, to Reno, Nevada) on foot.





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The fatbikes that Mr. Nam's team are going touse are almost the same as the one above. The reason why he cannot show them at this time, is they are currently manufactured. Mr. Nam said a fatbike is almost the same as MTB but have wider wheels (up to 4-5 inches) to prevent sinking into the sand with the weight on it. Image not of Mr. Nam, photo just a reference to the concept of the fatbike (click to enlarge)
They will start from Alice Springs and will finish at Eighty Mile Beach, along Gary Junction Road, 990 km, and Wapet Road, 620 km.
courtesy Young-Ho Nam, SOURCE

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