Heads up: Sean Burch aims for unclimbed peaks in Mongolia

Posted: Nov 10, 2014 08:40 pm EST


(Newsdesk) American long distance extreme runner and climber, Sean Burch sent over news about his current expedition. He will attempt to conquer the most unclimbed peaks in Mongolia history. 


Follow his progress here on his tracker.


Check Sean’s biography here





Sean Burch crossed Nepal in new record time!


ExWeb interview with Sean Burch: Every goal you set for yourself, you first must be mentally prepared


Sean Burch, Nepal Goodwill Ambassador


Sean Burch website









Sean Burch on Facebook: "No sleep in 3 days makes me want to puke. Flight delay of 8 hours, now arrived OLGI international airport, far W Mongolia. The usual."
courtesy Sean Burch, SOURCE
"Anyone for Yak & horse meat sausage? Food preparation for tomorrow departure."
courtesy Sean Burch, SOURCE
Sean November 4: "Expedition Countdown. Latest: Deep snow on glaciers, peaks of mountains icy due to strong winds of 40mph+"
courtesy Sean Burch, SOURCE

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