Young-Ho Nam crossed Mexican Desert

Posted: May 15, 2015 02:04 pm EDT


(Kyu Dam Lee, Explorersweb South Korea)

Young-Ho Nam successfully completed his project across ‘Chihuahua Desert’ in Mexico with his fatbike. He started his project from ‘Zona del Silencio’ on Mar-13-2015 and finished at ‘White Sand’ (USA) on Mar-31-2015. Mr. Nam traveled about 1,200 km during his 19-day expedition.


He started his expedition with a team mate (Joo-Yeol Lee) and two support members (Jae-Cheon Jeon and Jae-Won Choi), but Mr. Lee did not complete the expedition. He had to stop at ‘Coyame del Sotol’ because of equipment problems.


Mr. Nam wrote to Explorersweb that his expedition route was very dangerous, because some drug sellers used the route to transport their drugs. The Mexico Tourism Board and the Government of Chihuahua State arranged some armed police for his safety and security as a foreigner.


His expedition was supported by ‘Kolon sports’, ‘Mexico Tourism Board’, and ‘Government of Chihuahua State of Mexico’.


Mr. Nam is on a mission to cross 10 deserts of the world.

Takla Makan (China 2009, not included for this 10-Desert quest), 

Gobi (motorized), 

Great Victoria (Australia, 2012), 

Empty Quarter (Salalah, Oman, to Liwa, UAE, 2013)

Great Basin Desert (Salt Lake, Utah, to Reno, Nevada, 2013)

Gibson & The Great Sandy (Alice Springs to 80-mile Beach, Australia, 2014)

Chihuahua Desert in Mexico 2015


Previously Young-Ho Nam crossed Urasia, from China to Portugal in 2006, cycling 18,000 km, and completed 2,510km along the Ganges River in 2010.



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Mr. Nam crossing another desert, Chihuahua in Mexico, as part of his 10-Desert Project. (click images to expand)
courtesy Young-Ho Nam, SOURCE
Expedition members Young-Ho Nam and Joo-Yeol Lee on their fatbikes. Mr. Lee had to abandon the ride due to equipment problems. Mr. Nam right.
courtesy Young-Ho Nam, SOURCE
Plantlife in Chihuahua Desert.
courtesy Young-Ho Nam, SOURCE
Treasures of Chihuahua Desert.
courtesy Young-Ho Nam, SOURCE
Mr. Nam's Chihuahua Desert route, from Zona del Silencio, Mexico, to White Sand, USA.
courtesy Young-Ho Nam, SOURCE

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