Wingsuit stunt: Jeb Corliss and the Flying Dagger

Posted: Sep 27, 2013 10:04 am EDT


(Newsdesk) "This is going to be without a doubt the most challenging stunt of my life... So far," says Jeb Corliss. On September 28 the wingsuiter will drop out of a helicopter and navigate his way through a crack in a rock in China approximately 870 foot high, 900 foot long and narrow at the bottom. 


In the video on the left, Iiro Seppanen and Jeb reveal exactly how the mountain of the "Flying Dagger" looks like and how Jeb has prepared to fly through it on September 28th 2013.


Jeb and the team also introduce cutting-edge augmented reality technology from Airglass and how it was utilized during the practice leading up for the stunt.


Today Jeb has done 3 practice jumps and the weather looks good for tomorrow, he reports.




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The location, Mount Jianglang, in China.
courtesy Jeb Corliss, SOURCE
Jeb: "This is narrow [...] Once you get into it you can't get out of it." Although the top is as wide as a school bus, it gets narrower the lower you go. (click to enlarge)
courtesy Jeb Corliss, SOURCE
Jeb Corliss in pre-jump thoughts at a Buddhist Temple on Jiangshan Mountain
courtesy Pelican Products, SOURCE
Video: augmented reality training.
courtesy World Wingsuit League, SOURCE

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